8 Dangerous habits after eat

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We know that consume unhealthy food and beverage can cause scary illness, but we also often ignore some habits after we eat, and beyond expectations, these habits could kill us

1. Consume fruit
Consume fruit after eat surprisingly is a wrong habit. After food enter the stomach, it takes 1 – 2 hour to absorbed, if after we eat then consume fruit, fruit will be blocked by the previous food, for the consequence, fruit can’t be absorbed normally. If this habit happen for a long time, it can cause puffed up stomach, diarrhea, constipation, etc.

2. Drink strong tea
Drinking tea after eat, can thin stomach’s mucus, consequently affect the alimentary of food. In addition, many tea leaves contain tanin (tanat acid), if drinking tea after eat, will make a protein that had not yet digested, integrates with stomach acid tanat and form sediments that are not easily digested, so the influence protein absorption. Tea can also prevent iron absorption, if this condition continue for a long time, symptoms of anemia may occur because less iron

3. Smoking
The danger of smoking after eating 10-fold larger compared to normal day-to-day!
This is because the circulation of blood in the alimentary canal after eating increases, consequently a large amount of cigarettes content in the uterus that is not good for the health absorbed, so that it can damage the heart, brain and heart blood vessel and cause other disease that related with these aspects.

4. Bath
Bath after a eat, can make the volume of blood flow on the body surface increase, and the volume of blood flow in the intestine and stomach channels reduced, thus making the alimentary function of stomach become weak, and cause poor alimentary.

5. Loosen belt
Loosen belt after eat, even felt somewhat comfortable, but it can lead to decrease in pressure in the stomach cavity, forcing the side down. If this habit continuously carried out, will actually have a stomach down.

6. A stroll (walk)
Walking after eat, not only can not live "99" (long age), even as it increased the volume of sports, it can affect nutrients absorption of alimentary canal. Especially for old ages, weakened heart function, blood vessel constriction, a lot of running after eat will cause decreased blood pressure symptoms and other symptoms.

After the eat, Our stomach will have more contents, stomach wall becomes thinner, the volume of blood flow increases, in this condition, singing can make the body cavity move down, the burden of stomach cavity is increased, if it light, it will cause poor digestion, can cause the disruption in the stomach and other diseases symptoms.

8. Driving
This is because after eating, stomach and intestine requires a large amount of blood to process the food, causing brain organs lack off blood for a while, so thus can cause operational errors.

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Brownies Recipe

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  1. 250 gr white sugar
  2. 250 gr palm sugar
  3. 150 gr chocolate block, cut into pieces
  4. 150 gr chocolate powder
  5. 4 pcs egg
  6. 400 ml non cholesterol cooking oil
  7. 200 ml milk
  8. 400 gr low protein wheat flour
  9. 1 teaspoon baking powder
  10. 1 teaspoon vanilla powder (optional)
  11. 100 gr almond, cut into pieces
  12. 100 gr chocolate chips
  1. Mix egg, white sugar, palm sugar, chocolate block pieces, chocolate powder, and cooking oil with low speed, until well combine (don't mix to long)
  2. Add wheat flour, vanilla and baking powder, mix for a while,then add milk
  3. Add some almond and chocolate chip
  4. Prepare 4 pcs brownies pan (10 cm x 30 cm)
  5. Smear pan with cooking oil or butter
  6. Put all dough into pan, then add almond and chocolate chip for topping
  7. Bake in 180 degree Celcius oven until baked well (about 35 minutes)
  8. Serve at room temperature or chilled

Resep Roti Tawar

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Bahan :
  1. 1500 gr terigu cakra (protein tinggi)
  2. 915 ml air dingin (biasa)
  3. 15 gr ragi instan
  4. 25 gr garam
  5. 80 gr gula pasir
  6. 40 gr susu bubuk non fat (full cream)
  7. 50 gr mentega putih
  8. 3 gr pengempuk roti
Cara Membuat:
  1. Semua bahan kering (terigu, ragi, gula, garam, pengempuk dan susu) diaduk rata, masukkan air sedikit-sedikit, aduk terus sampai rata, kemudian baru masukkan mentega putih, aduk sampai kalis
  2. Adonan diampak sekitar 30 menit (tutup dengan plastik)
  3. Bagi adonan menjadi 3 bagian dengan dengan berat masing-masing 500 gr, lalu bentuk seperti bola
  4. Diamkan 15 menit
  5. Bentuk adonan tadi (kempiskan, di roll, dibentuk sehingga bentuknya seperti bolu gulung), kunci sambungan supaya tidak pecah.
  6. Diamkan sekitar 1 jam
  7. Bakar dengan oven pada suhu 215-220 derajat celcius selama 25 menit
  8. Keluarkan roti dari loyang lalu dinginkan